Not the same To The Moon and Back

I like games. whether it is board games or video games.  I am coming at you with a little of both.  I have been for the past 1-2 months been playing some Gears of War 3 online with some friends.  It is a good weekly relaxation for the middle of the work week and I have to say I have really been looking forward to it.  We only play for a couple hours and only once a week but it is nice.

The other type of gaming I also enjoy is one that is offline and requires your friends to actually be in the same room with you.  Which is not a bad thing but is definitely not an easy thing to get to happen.  Well, enough woe is me for finding time to game.  I wanted to share a kickstarter campaign for a game called Edition Wars.  It does not have the flashiest of titles but then again it could be worse.  But the more important thing, is that it sounds like it would be fun.  I can not say that I know how everyone shops for board games but I know how I do and I think most people follow the same kind of guide lines.  You look at how it will play and if it makes sense to you and if it sounds like it will be fun.  After, you have decided if it is something that you would enjoy then you start asking yourself how would the rest of my normal gaming buddies like this game.  Not much is worse than getting a game that you love and everybody else hates.  Then you are stuck trying to get everyone else to play and they are running from the table.  Once you have that decided, you take a good close look at the rules and see if they sound like that make sense and get a basic idea on how a game will flow.  This is a big thing.  I know it seems that no one likes to read instructions for anything and I get that I know I do not as well and some board games provide you with an instruction manual boarding on the size of a novella.  And let’s not get off on a rant but, I will say, wow, some game manuals really need some help.

Anyway, once you have done this and still like what you see and read then the only thing to do it to try it out or if not possible maybe find a review by a someone you trust to see what they thought of the game play.  It also helps to look for video play through of a typical turn, etc., to get a better idea of how it will play when you get it on the table.  Then you got to decide if you want to buy it and make that leap and then get it to the gaming table.

Anyway, what I wanted to share is a campaign for a game that has about 33 hours left until it ends.  They have met the funding goal already but it is a still a good time to get in on a game at the ground floor, get it before the general public and at a good price and some bonuses.  You can get a copy of the game for as little as $18, which is a pretty good deal.  In this game, everyone is a game master (GM) and you are trying to get a group of six gamers to play your “edition” of the game. And you go back and forth stealing available “gamers” to try and get the six you need to win.  This is a card driven game and you have battle cards which equates to weapons and defense, swag which are your weapons, critical effect cards which are instant effects that can help you in a pinch, and most important cards are the “gamers” themselves.  Each gamer card can give you a special ability that you have while you have that gamer and of course are the most important cards to get and retain so that you can get the six required to win.

I think any gamer that has played a table top RPG will be interested to try this game out whether they were a “GM” or just a lowly “gamer”.  Edition Wars is a strategic card game that should provide some quick fun and some good laughs.  This is not the game that you will be playing as the “main course” with your friends but I think that it will still get good play.  So to this particular gamer, it sounds like me and my friends might enjoy this one quite a bit and $18, which includes shipping in the USA, is not that much to invest and find out when it hits the table.


Revenge Quiz

I took the BuddyTV Revenge character test and apparently I am Emily.


Well, 2012 is off to a quick start.  I just returned to work from my Christmas vacation and I had quite a good time.  I relaxed a lot and caught up on a lot of TV shows that were storing up on my DVR.  I also spent a lot of time with family in town for Christmas.  But, as always, the time went way to fast and now I am back at work.

I know the web cams have been down for quite sometime and that is unfortunate.  I do have a silver lining though, and that is the Work Cam is now back up and should be good for the foreseeable  future.  On the other-hand, the Computer Room cam is down and out right now and will remain so.  The computer that it is attached to has kaput and so I need to get a new hard drive for it but that is not very high on my priority list right now.

So, Happy New Year to everyone and I hope it is a good one.



Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich explained.   Check out this story on the next version of Android.  I hope it turns out to be as great when it is in everyone hands as it seems like it will be.


Sunrise City is another game by Clever Mojo Games and is continuing their trend of using Kickstarter to get these board games some crowdfunding and to help get them published and also publicity. 

Sunrise City is a tile laying game and was based off of a love of SimCity.    So check out this campaign and if you like what you read then go ahead and make your pledge, whether a $1 of support or $40 (preorder with free shipping) and up.


Alien Frontiers: Factions is the first expansion to the highly popular and hard to find game, Alien Frontiers.  Clever Mojo Games originally got it’s funding for Alien Frontiers through a kickstart campaign back in 2010 so it seems fitting that they return to kickstarter again for this sequel.  But before I got into detail of what kickstarter is, here is a very breif excert from the Alien Frontiers kickstarter page, “Alien Frontiers is a board game of resource management and planetary development for two to four players. During the game you will utilize orbital facilities and alien technology to build colony domes in strategic locations to control the newly discovered world.”

Kickstrater uses the method of crowdfunding to help rally support for it’s projects.  While it was originally created with a more creative arts focus, its users have quickly expanded this concept to incorporate all sorts of campaigns.  From helping an artist get an album made, to supporting an art project to board games, and making movies and tv show pilots. 

The way it works is quite simple.  Several pledge options are open to you and they are associated with various rewards that can be accumlative or not.  Your pledged amount is not charged right away, it is only authorized through amazon.  So you credit card never is seen by or the people behind the project you are backing.  Also you will not be charged your pledge amount unless two things happen.  First, the goal amount of the campaign is achieved and the second is this is done by the end of the date of the campaign.  Only on that end date with full funding will then you credit card be charged, otherwise it funding fails and everyone goes their seperate ways.  Also, through out the campaign you can change or cancel your pledge if need be. 

Here is an excert from the kickstarter camaign page that gives you a basic overview of what this expansion entails, “Lots of gamers liked Alien Frontier right out of the box, but there were three major areas where some people thought it could use improvement: Variable Player Powers, Hidden Scoring, and More Players.  We’re happy to say that Tory Niemann, Alien Frontiers’ designer has addressed all three issues in the FACTIONS expansion.”

So please check the expansion out and maybe make a pledge and no need to worry if you do not have the original game because you can pick it up when you make your pledge for this expansion.  I did.


I have been purchasing a few board games over the last week.  After Aaron came back into town and I played some and it renewed the fun I have when I do.  So, I picked up a couple expansions to Dominion and few other things.  I really enjoy that game.  On a side note, while checking out games I discovered a really cool site called Kick starter.  This site lets creative people like game creators,  artists, etc. create a page to raise money to make their project.  I have really only checked out the games aspect of the projects there, but there are comics, art, and other cool things as well.  You can choose to back them financially from as little as a dollar or more and most times you are preordering the game when you pledge your money depending on the amount.  Each project has different tiers and rewards for the amount you do decided to pledge or not and a lot of times you will get free shipping to you and other special bonuses you could only get from kickstarter.  If you do commit to a pledge, they do not take your money upfront either, it will only become final when the project date and the total pledge amount reaches a set goal to fund the project  and if those things do not happen then your amount will not be charged.  It really can give opportunities to individuals to create something and actually release it that they might not have had the opportunity to do otherwise.  Very cool idea indeed.

Share Pro

So I got to get into the the pro beta and so now I got to create and use my own short domain to create “short links”  to my blog.  It is pretty cool.  My short domain is and will be us


Bin Laden is Dead

Wow, I was beginning to doubt this was ever going to happen.


Good Pie Day

Well, it is Good Friday and Easter is almost here so I went grocery shopping last night to get all the ingredients to make two Carmel Apple Pies for the family festivities.  Should be  good weekend.  Random thought, buying vanilla bean is quite expensive.